Makatekista, Wasadizi wa Utume na Waseminari,


1. Catechists
We have 183 Catechists who are working hand in hand with our priests in all the 28 Parishes.

A Catechist leading children in a

singing program in Ligera Parish

Mzee Paul Haule wa Parangu, Mwalimu na Mkurugenzi wa sala na utume Mzee Thadei Kayombo, amekuwa anasalisha na kufundisha hadi kufa kwake tarehe 11 Juni 2004
2. Auxiliaries of the Apostolate

They are 17. Dedicated lay ladies who privately consecrate themselves for the glory of God and for His Kingdom.

It all started with two lay ladies from Germany. It is Miss Hildegard Nivelstein and Miss Helga Tilmann. They arrived in 1957
and immediately dedicated themselves for the work of God as auxiliaries of the apostolate, ever ready to help the Bishop of t
the Diocese, by that time H.E. Bishop Eberhard Spiess OSB. They dedicated themselves in social development, especially for
the emancipation of women in economic and social development. They continued to work as auxiliaries eversince up todate.
Thus they have been of great help in the ministry of the late Archbishop James Komba and to the present Ordinary as well.
Hildegard left for eternal rest after being called by God in the Jubilee Year 2000. Helga is still in service.
These lay auxiliaries attracted Tanzanian girls who joined their vocation and life style. The first one was Mary Turuka who is
now ca 70 years. After her many have joined in this Archdiocese as well as in the Dioceses of Njombe, Iringa, and Mbinga.
Here in Songea they are now 15 of them together.


3. Seminarians
There are 41 Major seminarians studying in Peramiho Seminary, Kibosho Seminary, Mbaga Seminary in Uganda, Apostles of Jesus in Kenya, Croatia (Split Archdiocese), Innsbruck, Austria